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Notebook Notebook Notebook Notebook

- Choosing 2sided printed internal paper, the no. of pages should be double the no. of paper sheets

- Choosing blank internal paper or 1 sided printed paper, the no. of pages = no. of paper sheets

- You can upload your own custom design; we print and deliver.

- File should contain individual pages with the same print size.

- No. of pages/designs = no. of pages in file.

- 2 sides common back means the last page in file is the backside of all pages in file.

- Upload your files flattened in PDF format to get accurate output prints. JPG, TIF, PNG formats, ZIP & RAR compressed files are also accepted.

- You may upload DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, PUB files, extra cost may apply.

- Color Mode: CMYK is preferred and recommended. If you upload your file in RGB color mode it will be converted to CMYK.

- Resolution: Files are preferred to be at 300 dpi for best print quality. Files lower than 300 dpi could result in “pixelation” of images.

- Trim Line: Is where the finished product will be cut for its final size.

- Safe Zone: Minimum 2 mm inside the cut line, text and other design elements within this area are safe from accidental trimming.

- Bleed Area: Is the area outside the trim line filled with background image and/or color so there is no white space left when it is trimmed.